A designer with big picture perspective

I infuse functionality, business, and marketing expertise into websites and web applications. I practice user-focused design. I’m a pattern finder and optimizer. I advocate for inclusion in technology.

I’m user-focused. I’m an adept listener and advocate for your users (the real humans that use your site or app). I make your users a priority right away and focus on them throughout the design & development process.

I’ve got technical chops. I’ve built sites in many different content management systems (CMSs)—including ExpressionEngine, Drupal, ModX, Joomla, Statamic, and WordPress. And I’m experienced in front-end development, with thousands of hours logged. On the technical side, I even understand web infrastructure like domain records, SSL/TSL certificates, and CDNs. I am passionate about accessible websites, fast websites and functional clarity.

I’m a pattern finder and optimizer. Understanding the big picture of your project, goals, and users lets me find patterns and apply consistency. Plus, I keep going until I am satisfied with the efficiency. This will manifest in my curiousity about search engine optimization, website speed, and streamlined design.

I’m at ease communicating with internal teams and external clients. I’m adept at listening for both hopeful visions and underlying pain points. I led a digital agency with several employees, multiple contractors and vendors, and a full roster of clients for over 10 years. I can communicate with developers, product owners, and marketers. And I can take on the challenge of bridging those perspectives together.

All this makes me an insightful designer with loads of real world experience and a very large set of design tools. Sound too good to be true? How can I possibly be any good at all these things? A curious mind and a lot of practice.

Susan immediately impressed me with her approach, intelligence and professionalism.

— Lee Barkley, Director of Technology, Consumer Experiences, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Want to tap into my knowledge and use my design skills on your next project? I’d love to talk about it.

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Susan was always the voice of calm and reason within our team of leadership. She always had incredible ideas that were well thought out, was thoughtful to include others in decision making and always went above and beyond the call of duty.

— Mindy Nies, President (2007-2009), AIGA Colorado